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72 Guiding Lights: For a Journey of Self Discovery
Written by - Penny Smith
An alternative approach to discovering the inner secrets of yourself
This is a colouring in book for all ages to have fun with and discover that we are not alone but a part of the Energy of Creation. There are 72 wonderful Mandalas to work with and meditate on. Each one specially designed to connect you with the Guiding Lights energies. Tables and notes setting out the meaning behind each of the 72 Guiding Lights and some basic concepts on Astrological processes have also been included. Once coloured in, the drawings can be used to complement meditation or can be viewed as a calendar for daily thoughts and inspiration. This book also includes a section that enables you to identify your own Personal Guiding Lights. It then shows how to create an Amulet for protection and guidance. The process of colouring in mediation enhances your journey of self discovery, giving you a better understanding of yourself and others for a balanced, happy, healthy, fulfilled and successful life.
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